Close, but not quite there yet.

Almost as a reminder that we are still in its domain, the Atlantic Ocean has given us 48 hours of 25 knots of wind and waves directly in our path. Lots of bouncing around inside O’Comillas and a lot of walking at an angle doing balancing acts. We have also been soaked in spray from the waves a couple of times.

If the wind just shifted a little that would be great. Need to check the forecasts again today to see how likely that is.

We are currently at less than 400 nautical miles from our destination. Since we did immigration, customs and all that in the Azores, we have technically already entered the European Union. Therefore, we will pass by La Coruña but instead of going into port we will go directly to Sada, home of O’Comillas. We are planning, weather permitting of course, to arrive Tuesday afternoon Spanish time.

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