Yesterday, I added a new entry for Sloopy so I thought I would explain what on earth Sloopy is all about.

When I was born my father did an animated cartoon using paper silhouettes and freeze – frame on an 8mm video camera. This is real film that had to be developed before the days of Hi8. To this date I still cherish that movie . It is a little corny , but very cute.

So I came up with the idea of narrating the journey across the Atlantic ocean for my son in a way that he could read it for himself every morning when he woke up, share it with his sister, and other buddies from his first grade class. I will write brief updates at first grade reading level with large fonts every day of the journey, weather and other factors permitting of course.

Why the name Sloopy? O’Comillas has one mast and is therefore a “sloop” so when thinking of a name for a cartoon to represent the sailboat Sloopy was the best I could come up with.