The family meets O’Comillas

We are now in Newport! The whole family got to see the sailboat and we went out sailing with our friends from Buffalo (Jim, Rosanne & three wonderful kids) My son’s first word when he saw O’Comillas was “enormous.” My wife Kristi, on the other hand said she thought it would be bigger. I guess 50 feet seems smaller or bigger depending on your perspective. I can think of a bunch of other jokes involving wives and sizes but I’ll leave that to another day.

José Manuel went out shopping at Costco and he must have bought half the store. I guess he must be thinking that we just keep sailing around the world while we are at it and thus why the massive amounts of food. He does have a point though; if we have too much we can use it in Spain or donate it, but in the middle of the ocean, like I’ve said before there are no stores.