In case you were wondering

We are heading southeast now to circle around a low pressure system directly between us and the Azores. Winds flow counter clockwise on a low pressure system. Therefore, if go north of it, then we have to battle wind and seas against us. If we go south then we go with the winds on our backs nice and steady with the waves also pushing us from behind.

Currently it is 1:36am local time at N 39°33′.34 W 50°56′.33 It is an extremely peaceful night. Winds are very soft at 10 knots and the sea is like a plate .Great for sleeping. In just another 90 minutes, but who is counting.

On a related note, I’ve noticed that I almost never take my camera out during foul weather. Partly because I’m busy, but partly because I’m scared of something happening to the camera while it is not my top attention. As a result, there are no photographs showing gales, storms, and big waves. All of which have been an integral part of our Atlantic experience. So I find myself at a bind, I want to have another chance at taking those photos, but at this moment I’ve had enough of those days and would rather not see another one for some time. Quite a conundrum…