3-6am shift again

It is the 3-6am shift again. Weather permitting, this continues to be my favorite time to squeeze some lines.

Current location: N 38º 49′.57 W 46º 45′.13 — 8.5 to 9 Knots and cruising …

It has been a couple of days since we’ve spotted any ships in the radar and even longer since we’ve actually physically seen any signs from any of them. Tuesday afternoon we finally had some sun and, considering the string of rainy days we’ve had, we needed it to lift our spirits. It seems this is the time in our journey where things get emotionally and psychologically hard. Closest things to us at this point is the Azores so there is only one option moving forward.

If it weren’t for all the Navigation equipment on board your brain would easily start telling you that you are going in circles. It is water, water, and more water everywhere, after a while it all looks the same. Reading emails from family and friends is certainly very positive in combating any isolation feelings and writing Sloopy has certainly being very therapeutic for me.

Last night we watched Payback. Nothing like a violent Mel Gibson movie to get you going.

On the works for the first Gear Talk is a short write up on “Working with sails, then and now…” comparing working with sails aboard a Morgan ’42 Mark II sailing yacht 25 years ago and O’Comillas today. Writing about the gear aboard has certainly taken Nth place on the list, but I hope once I get started and now the weather is cooperating that I can squeeze more time for it.