This is too much!

It is now 10:17pm, we see more and more light reflections from the Faial and Pico islands in the Azores.

The emotions are just indescribable. Three more hours to go. Probably the longest three hours of the trip in terms of sheer excitement. I cannot believe we are actually here. I’ve been thinking and dreaming of this trip since I was very young. So much meaning associated with it for Dad and me and yet I haven’t written about the emotional aspects of the trip at all. I guess I was hoping my father would do that since it is also his story but he seems content just enjoying the trip. Granted the trip is not over, we still have a long journey from the Azores to Spain but getting to the Azores is obviously a huge milestone for us.

I am going above deck to be with Dad. I’m going to enjoy the remaining hours to the fullest and once I catch a breather I will write about tonight and the trip thus far in more detail. What a night. It is just perfect!