High cuisine on the high seas

This Atlantic voyage may be the first one where the crew actually gains weight instead of losing it. Dad (cook extraordinare) has cranked things up a notch aboard O’Comillas and has turned what were already excellent meals into superb high cuisine. Under such circumstances I cannot be held accountable for not losing weight 😉

After the lessons learned from Newport-Azores, Dad has re-provisioned in the Azores and is taking advantage of a shorter leg to get to Spain and the amazing weather we are currently having to cook some Spanish favorites: Spanish Tortilla and tonight meat and potatoes stew. We are waiting for José Manuel (fisherman extraordinare) to get us another tuna for more sashimi. Yum…

Everyone is in high spirits. José Manuel was able to connect to the internet in the Azores and he profusely thanks his friends for the photos of potential crew members that were offered to him. Too bad none of those girls were available to join us en route to Spain. Oh, well..

We haven’t seen any whales yet. I think, just like wth dolphins, the moment we stop wishing we could see them, they’ll start appearing around us. Therefore, effective now, we don’t care if they show. Are you listening master-whale in the sky?

Another improvement in this second leg are showers. In the way to the Azores, we had a problem with the one of the two water tanks whereby we must have left a valve open and the pump on. So the tank was completely gone in the first few days. We are being paranoid about the use of the pump now, but not about the use of the water. Since the trip should take a third of the time, that also means we should have plenty more water to use. Translation: We will be taking showers more often and that will change the aromas around here significantly.

Today I took a huge nap. This is because my father is, how shall I put it, pretty hard of hearing. I had the 12-3am shift and Dad followed me with the 3-6am shift. The only problem is that Dad doesn’t seem to “hear” the radar alarm so I ended up waking up a few times to check on the radar, identify a target and figured out the speed and heading of the other ship which must have been a huge tanker from the lights. Except I didn’t care about what it was, I wanted to sleep. This is not the first night this happened, it’s just that I quickly got used to a full night’s sleep in the Azores.

Well, folks. Time to go. Dinner cannot wait 😉