It has been three weeks since I last saw Andrés Miguel & Lucía Isabelle. A couple of days ago, I sat down in front of the computer to see photos I have saved of them prior to the trip. Here is one of the three of us (unusual since I’m usually the one taking the photos) on the sailboat in Newport prior to our departure. This has been the longest I have been away from them, and I want to hug them and kiss them so much.

For them, on the other hand, life is business as usual. They have their school routines, their little friends, playing with their toys at home, with Mommy. Oh, yes. Every so often they get to talk to daddy from a satellite phone, read sloopy, and tell their friends or teachers that daddy is sailing across the Atlantic. According to my wife Kristi, they say this completely matter of fact. Like, doesn’t everyone’s dad just disappear for three weeks to go sail across the Atlantic? One of Andrés’ teachers asked Kristi one day about it thinking that the kid was probably confused or making it up.

What to tell them prior to the trip was an interesting balance for me. I didn’t want them to be scared or worried for me. I wanted them to do exactly what they are doing now. Being adjusted and going on with their lives. But one is human, and I did rejoice when Kristi told me that whenever Lucía gets upset about something, she eventually will say: “I want my daddy!”

I want them too…