The big surprise!

After seeing the tower we continued sailing towards the Bay of Ares/Betanzos. The wind was very soft and we had the sails up and a little engine going since we were indeed anxious by now to finally get home. As we entered the bay we saw two sailboats far away. Their sails were down and they were heading our way using their engines. At the time, I didn’t think much of it. I just checked my own course and kept sailing. Then one of the sailboats flashed its mast light several times which I thought was odd but I still hadn’t caught on that they were waiting for us. It wasn’t until they started making noise that I realized, duh! They are welcoming us. So we used our horn to make a very loud noise and kept going.

Believe it or not, at this point, it hadn’t occurred to me that Mom, Kristi and the kids would be aboard one of the sailboats. I had a huge smile as I chatted with the people on the other sailboat when suddenly I realized that the boat behind us was Miguel’s from Cadenote and that our family was aboard. Then I had one of those moments when I wanted to do something very rash. I wanted to jump overboard and swim towards Miguel’s boat so that I could hug everyone. Thankfully we didn’t have this Forrest Gump moment and I waited patiently behind the wheel until after I had docked the sailboat to jump onto the dock and run towards my loved ones.