The last stretch

6am — 100 nautical miles to go. I just woke up for my watch but both my father and José Manuel are sitting in the covered spots on the cockpit. Neither want to move. So I went downstairs to write a little and now I can hear them singing rancheras. They are having one of those friend bonding moments.

7:30am — Wind is about to 25 knots from the North. Galicia is welcoming us with a beating.

9:30:am — Wind has picked up to 30 knots. The welcome continues!

10:30am — In the last hour we have been crossing the north-south commercial route. We have seen a total of eight ships. Many of them huge tankers. Spanish coast is 30 nm or so away but still no sign. Our destination is at 70 nautical miles.

11:30am — We just finished crossing the south-north route. Thankfully there were much fewer boats in this direction.

12:15pm — The wind continues climbing. It is up to 35 knots. It is comming from the north-east. Right from the direction we are heading to. Despite the high wind there is fog near the coast which has prevented us from seeing land. Argh!

1:15pm — The wind has reduced a lot as we approach the coast. It is now below 20 knots. The waves are also better. Good call!

4:45pm — Believe it or not, despite being just 2.5 nautical miles from land, we still cannot see it because of very dense fog. We still have 35 nm to go to reach Sada our final destination.

5:12 pm — LAND! LAND! ! We finally see land! Foggy land, but land nonetheless…