Murphy’s law everywhere

It is now after 10pm in Newport and this is the first time since Dad and I got here that have we been able to stop working on something and rest. We are currently listening to some classical music. Dad is reading a book and I’m blogging.

We have been fixing stuff left and right. I should be saying port and starboard, but I guess that doesn’t sound quite the same. What is this fixing all about? Well, since this is a new boat that was purchased in Spain we actually had a very experienced captain sailed the boat from Spain to Newport. As expected during the first voyage of any sailboat, things break and this is why it is often called the shakedown voyage. We are now about 85% done fixing things and what remains will be addressed before we depart.

In terms of things braking, it seems things have not fared better back home as blogged by Kristi at K Pasa!? Maybe Kristi is right and she is emitting some kind of magnetic field that breaks things, or maybe just perhaps maybe, I actually do something around the house once in a while 😉

The captain and crew of O’Comillas for the shakedown voyage, three in total, were all from Spain. This shakedown voyage was indeed a shakedown. O’Comillas went through very rough seas and over 50 knots of winds and handled very safely. The boat reached just over 20 knots surfing down the waves. This is very fast indeed for a cruising boat and the crew was very happy with her performance.

A more typical performance is about 9 knots which we have done consistently in the past two days of sailing here in Newport with winds around 18 knots. O’Comillas is indeed a very fun sailboat to sail.

We have put a few photos of the past two days of sailing in the Photo Log.

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